“We think that goals are more easily achieved by consistently making good decisions over long periods of time. We like to keep things simple, not complicated.”


To this day our firm focuses on three fundamental principles:

Independent and Objective Advice:

Instead of focusing on selling commission based products, our firm is aligned with the interest of our clients by charging a percent of assets as a fee.

We Act in Our Clients Best Interests:

Our firm understands that in order to successfully help our clients we need to understand their unique goals, concerns and challenges. We incorporate integrated financial planning with our investment management as well as utilize insurance products and tools to help.

Reducing Fees:

This is the cornerstone of our investment selection process. Our firm has and continues to believe, lower the expense fees equals higher returns for investors over time.


To help create your plan, we adhere to a six-step process:


Set Goals

Learning what your short and long term goals are, help to identify the pillars for your financial plan.


Analyze & Evaluate

We strive to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Investment & Planning Recommendations

As an investor, it is important to understand the logic behind our advice. Our goal is to create a strong collaboration between Advisor and Client.



We work together to implement your personal investment plan in a timely manner with attention to detail.


Monitor & Review

We continue to monitor your progress and goals throughout the investment year. Regular, on-site reviews are an integral part of both our client relationship and experience.